Battle of Spokane Falls 2007

Photos Complements of Rick Stamp of the Mosbys

1st LT with saber.jpg (122331 bytes)  1st LT saber salute.jpg (135180 bytes)  1st Sgt back from the lines.jpg (1438784 bytes)  bad hair day.jpg (138502 bytes)   catch and release.jpg (1172727 bytes)  charging2.jpg (1156222 bytes)  charging3.jpg (1070696 bytes) 

charging4.jpg (1053220 bytes)  charging.jpg (1000761 bytes)  Giving orders.jpg (1465883 bytes)  Chasing the Blues.jpg (1099715 bytes)  Drawing fire.jpg (1056677 bytes)  fighting LT and Sgt.jpg (127472 bytes)  good aiming.jpg (1141644 bytes) 

Holding the flank.jpg (227721 bytes)  waiting for something.jpg (1353539 bytes)  LT is hit.jpg (1127978 bytes)  Lts hit again.jpg (1243207 bytes)  more waiting.jpg (1394481 bytes)  On the march.jpg (1216940 bytes)  something is going to happen.jpg (820267 bytes)  

Spokane25.jpg (154563 bytes)  talking with Mosbey.jpg (1054647 bytes)  Watching the flank.jpg (1167879 bytes)  Diamond flys.jpg (183286 bytes)

Photos complements of Gini of the 1st US!

our girls wrong place!.jpg (171656 bytes)  Our girls.jpg (179371 bytes)


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