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History of Today's 14th Virginia Cavalry Regiment of Reenactors

In 1998 a group of individuals decided to split off from a Union Cavalry group, the 3rd Pennsylvania (3rd Penn) and form up a Confederate Cavalry unit.  Among this group was Dan Rike and his brother's, not sure if one or two of his brothers were involved.  There were about 5 or 6 members who originally formed the 14th.  The 14th unit was picked because the 3rd Penn’s alternate ego was the 7th Virginia Cavalry and when the 14th was organized by the Confederate Congress in April of 1862 some of the 7th went to the 14th.

  The organizers created our By-Laws that outlined our unit structure, it called for a Board of Directors – Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.  It spelled out our Officer Core as Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO), 1st Sgt, and Corporal(s).  The CO and XO were positions independent of Rank.  When we started we had enough members for a 2nd Lt as the highest rank!  So our 2nd LT was the CO, and we only had a Sergeant not a 1st Sgt but he also acted as XO.  As we grew we were able to promote to a Captain, 1st LT, and 1st Sgt.

  There was some startup pains and when I joined in December of 1999, 5 of us met at a the Blue Grouse in Ellensburg, Dan, Alan, Slim & Billie Rankin, and myself, my family thought I was crazy and let me go on my own!  After my reporting how much fun I was having and the great group of people we had my family soon joined!  Yes they still think I am a  little crazy!

  In 2002 or 2003 the 3rd Pen dissolved as a unit, thus we no longer have a Federal Cavalry in the WCWA.

  In 2004 we were incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization under the name 14th Virginia Cavalry, due to the great work of our Chairman, Barb!

  Over the years we grew, and lost a few members, but we did grow!  We have always been a unit that the WCWA respected and looked up too.  We seemed to galvanize a lot at events, so for the 2005 season we decided to camp Blue under our alter ego the 1st US Cavalry.  We did this to show support to the Federal side and hopefully recruit enough people so that we could field both a Blue and Gray units. 

  In 2006 we reorganized the corporate name as Washington Cavalry Association.

  Now at the end of the 2006 season it was decided to allow the 14th Virginia to be re-activated and allow the 1st US Cavalry to be a separate unit.  The current members of the 14th Virginia want to be autonomous and decided to separate from the Washington Cavalry Association. 

  2007 season will be a great year with both the1st US Cavalry and the 14th Virginia Cavalry on the field, it has been a long time since we have had both sides equally represented on the field of honor!

  Past Membership of the 14th Virginia Cavalry:

1998 2001 2003 2005 2007
CO – Dan Rike CO – Dan Rike CO – Capt Dan Rike CO – Major Alan Geho CO - Bob Davisson
Sgt – Rike (Dans Brother) 1st Sgt – Alan Geho XO – 1st Lt Alan Geho XO – 1st Lt Tim Shaw XO - 
Corporal  - Bob Davisson 1st Sgt – Bob Davisson 1st Sgt – Bob Davisson 1st Sgt - Karsten Nield
Troopers: Corporal – Tim Shaw Corporal – Mike Geho Corporal - Ryan Roberts
1999 Barb Davisson Troopers: Corporal – Dan Rike Troopers:
CO – Dan Rike Janel Davisson Barb Davisson Troopers: Barb Davisson
Sgt – Rike (Dans Brother) Larry Graham Janel Davisson Barb Davisson Janel Davisson
Troopers: Richard Bright Larry Graham Janel Davisson Jessie Davisson
Alan Geho Larry Ellis Mike Geho Jessie Davisson Amanda Nield
Tom Renkin Civilians: Sam Geho Karsten Nield Jana Lee
Civilians: Jessie Davisson Michael Geho Amanda Nield Andy Robinson
Laura Renkin Mary Ellis Larry Ellis Ryan Roberts Mark Gibler
Samuel Ellis Andy Robinson Larry Graham Megan Ortega
David Ellis Civilians: Sam Geho Tim Reames
2000 2002 Jessie Davisson Michael Geho Stephen Howard
CO – Dan Rike CO – Capt Dan Rike Felicia Geho Jim Daily
Sgt – Alan Geho XO – 2nd Lt Alan Geho Mary Ellis Andy Robinson
Corporal – Tom Renkin Sgt – Bob Davisson 2004 Civilians: Civilians:
Troopers: Corporal – Richard Bright CO – Capt Alan Geho Felicia Geho Cindy Southwick
Bob Davisson Corporal – Tim Shaw XO – 1st Lt Tim Shaw 2006
Barb Davisson Troopers: 1st Sgt – Bob Davisson CO – Alan Geho
Janel Davisson Andy Robinson Corporal – Andy Robinson XO – Bob Davisson
Rob Gefree Barb Davisson Corporal – Janel Davisson 1st Sgt – Karsten Nield
“Rabbit: Gefree Janel Davisson Troopers: Corporal – Mike Geho
Tim Shaw Mike Geho Dan Rike Troopers:
Richard Bright Larry Ellis Barb Davisson Barb Davisson
Larry Ellis Charles Sexton Jessie Davisson Janel Davisson
Corky Harry Rising Larry Graham Jessie Davisson
Andy Robinson Ellie Rising Mike Geho Amanda Nield
Civilians: Civilians: Sam Geho Ryan Roberts
Jessie Davisson Jessie Davisson Michael Geho Larry Graham
Carol Gefree Mary Ellis Marc Williams Dan Rike
Mary Ellis Samuel Ellis Amanda Nield Jim Daily
Tom Rankin, Jr David Ellis Karsten Nield Tim Reams
Laura Rankin Felicia Geho Joe Cotton Joe Garrett
Elaine Rising Charles Sexton Jana Lee
Pat Munts Andy Robinson Sam Geho
Joanie Hollingbery Civilians: Andy Robinson
Felicia Geho Civilians:
Kerji Robinson Cindy Southwick
Felicia Geho


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