Robert A. Davis

Hello, my name is Robert A. Davis, currently Captain of the 2nd US Regiment of Cavalry.  I was born in Montgomery County, in the Old Dominion, Virginia.  I was the oldest of two boys, Samuel is my brother, being restless and no mind to farm, like my dad and brother love so much, I enlisted into the Army when I was 18.  I joined the 1st Dragoons to see this great country I have heard so much of.  

Boy did I see some country!  The Army has had me in all parts of this country, and even in some places they did not know about!  When we weren’t exploring, mapping we were fighting Indians.  We were in big trouble up in the Washington Territories,  the Spokane Indians almost got the best of us before we “Advanced to the Rear” and got out. 

Then came the Mexican War, we were very active there alright!  Col. Scott made sure if we were not fighting we were escorting Officers around.  There’s lots of stories I can tell ya, but I will keep them for around the fire to scare the new recruits!  Most of us got out with our skins after the war and thought we were safe, but, we were resigned back to the Territories again…  More Indian fighting and exploring for us!  

We were transferred to the 2nd US Regiment of Cavalry, Co D as their ranks were diminished.

It is now 1862 and we have been assigned as Reserve Units for the Army of the Potomac, near Washington DC, to stop the Rebellion.  It still mystifies me why this is all happening.  I am also torn, I have seen so much of this vast country, I cannot see how we can break it up.  I have had long discussions with my brother (my dad passed away while I was out west fighting Indians) he says my country is Virginia, not the North, that I should resign and fight for the South, but how can I?  I have been fighting for the Union for more than 20 years, I just do not know anything else.  I sure cannot be a farmer again!  Anyway the Union is so much bigger than Virginia and he just does not see it that way.  We need to preserve the Union at all costs.  This means we have to fight friends, family, brothers, fathers and possibly sisters and mothers before this is all over, which I pray will be soon. 

I pray to the almighty that I do not have to face my brother on the battlefield, but I have heard that he is with the 14th Virginia Regiment of Cavalry, he is even a 1st Lt.  too!  

Times are hard and it will be a hard war on all of us, but the South can not win, for so many reasons, as I have said, there is so much of the country these people have never seen or even know about.  We cannot let a few hot heads destroy our country and cut it up in many separate countries. 

We will prevail, we will win, we will sacrifice more than we ever thought we could…

Bye for now, and I hope to see you around the campfire some night and I can tell you how the real solders fight and die!

Captain Robert Davis, Commander, Co D

2nd US Regiment of Cavalry

Army of the Potomac

Washington, DC


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