Samuel H. Davis

 My name is Samuel H. Davis and I was born in the Year of our Lord 1841.  In or around what is called Montgomery County .  My parents being simple farmers did not really know the exact date, not that it mattered anyway except for the census takers and recruitment officers, they seem real stuck on dates and stuff.

 I am, like my father, a simple farmer, I own a small farm outside the small township of Alleghany Springs.  I raise what crops that pay the most, right now it is cotton, sometimes tobacco, which the North and our friends in England relish.  I have a lovely wife and two daughters which are true flowers of the south. 

 I joined the in the fight to protect not only my land but my family!  I am not as well versed in the political goings as some of my friends and acquaintances are, but I do not want someone who lives miles from me telling me what I can grow, who I can sell to, and  for how much!

 So from the very first cannon shot at Fort Sumter I eagerly enlisted into the 4th Virginia Infantry, Company B on April 18 in the Year of our Lord 1861.  Being that I was among friends and older than most of the company I was elected 1st Lieutenant, something I would soon regret!  As I reported to my “Senior” Officers I quickly found out that most of them might have ran a store ok, or even an election but they had no business running an army!  At our first battle, at least that is what they called it, we outnumbered the Federals by 3 to 1, and our “beloved” Officers ran! Leaving me and our company to get out of the mess by ourselves… I resigned my commission on Sept. 19 in the Year of our Lord 1861.  I swore to let the idiots fight among them selves and return to my family and farm.  Anyway this “war” should not last to long…

 Well the news around here is not good, the Federals are not taking our talk seriously. It is now November 20th in the Year of our Lord 1862 and Virginia has reorganized all of the scattered units into a real army!  I do believe the Confederate Government really means to do what it takes to keep our way of life the same.  I heard that some of my friends from my old unit, the 4th Virginia Infantry, were reenlisting into a Cavalry unit near my home so I joined up, we are called the 14th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, I am in Company G. 

 The war is hitting us close to home now.  Our neighbors, the Ramsey’s, home was burned to the ground.  Mr. Ramsey and two of his sons were murdered in cold blood by Federals.  His oldest survived the attack and wants to join up with me to avenge the murders… I have agreed, but I have grave concerns that JR will be not be able to exact the revenge that is sought…

 So here it is January 10th in the Year of our Lord 1863 and I am looking forward to a glorious year and finishing this war, and driving the Federals forever from our lands…

 Your humble and faithful servant:

 Samuel H. Davis

1st Lieutenant, Commander, Co G

14th Virginia Cavalry Regiment

Army of North Virginia

Col. Jenkins Brigade

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